Heroes who escaped the service Tax

CAG has stated that Film Heroes who featuring in the abroad portions of the film from foreign companies, thus avoiding tax liability.The Hyderabadi Service Tax Commissionerate said that the Tollywood hero junior NTR’s records were Revised . The contract signed by London-based Vibrant Visuals Ltd in July ,   junior NTR’s  has received Rs 7.33 crore for Nannaku Prematho movie remuneration. He has claimed to have exempted Rs.1.10 crore service tax for export of services. Similarly, Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor has also received a remuneration for the film ‘Aay Dilhai Muskul’, the film is produced by Dharma Production Pvt Ltd in India and New York. Ranbir received Rs 6.75 crore from London-based ADHM Films Limited. The CAG said he did not pay service tax of Rs 83.43 lakh, making it look like export of services which are free of tax liability.


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