Chandrababu Naidu wants to set a Business School in Amravati

Chandrababu Naidu was able to bring the Indian School of Business to Hyderabad. Now with a commitment he wants to set a business school in Amravati to meet the Indian School of Business (ISB) standards. With the World Economic Forum (WWF), a high-profile venue will be constructed here. The government will set up a joint venture with the Indian Trade Council (CII) in 200 acres.

The government will discuss with the CII representatives for business school in Amravati next month. The Economic Development Council will give guidance for the Business School after discussing with the CII representatives. How to take a business school Construction etc. There are many things to discuss with the CII and plan to plan on it. The government will use the services of Pramod Singh to cooperate with the government in this entire affair. He was more cooperative with Chief Minister Chandrababu in bringing ISB in Hyderabad. Even now Amravati is expected to benefit from his services.

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